Work for Lumtex ”Moving Lights”

Work in progress!!

Stas Kokke breaks unique ground: he designs objects for festivals, among other things. In this process he takes his inspiration from simple and existing objects or from technical systems with certain dynamics. He uses these elements to shape his ideas. The motive for his designs is that by using simple means you can evoke an atmosphere that binds people. To Stas, choosing the right colours is of great importance, because, according to him, a party is synonymous with colour. For Lumtex he drew his inspiration from paper lanterns and Chinese umbrellas. The movement created by the opening and closing makes the object comes to life; making it so much more than just a bulb with a cover. This way, the light can be directed, allowing the user to determine the amount of light by means of movement. Stas’ designs are preferably used outdoors, grouped together.